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  • Introducing Spatial Mic

    Spatial Mic — Second Order Ambisonics Microphone With Digital Connectivity Voyage Audio is proud to introduce Spatial Mic — a professional second-order ambisonics VR microphone capable of single wire connectivity to a computer or mobile device. The microphone is available for purchase directly from Voyage Audio. Spatial Mic records the entire sound-field with precision. Signals from 8 capsules, encoded with

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Spatial Mic

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Did you know Spatial Mic can record #spatialaudio for #dolbyatmos ? Learn more in the Voyage Audio Journal.

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Dieses Mal schauen wir uns ein Mikro einer speziellen Art an. Und zwar das Voyage Audio Spatial Mic als Vertreter der so genannten ... Ambisonics Mikrofone. Was das eigentlich ist und was man damit anstellen kann, erfahrt ihr wie immer im aktuellen Video:


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Spatial Mic is back in stock!!! All backordered mics are shipped and inventory is on the way to our dealers and distributors. Where to buy ... Link in bio

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