Voyage Audio Journal

  • Spatial Mic Converter Plugin Update: Virtual Mic Output, Low Noise Filters and more!

    Voyage Audio is proud to announce Spatial Mic Converter v1.1.0 — an update that allows users to decode the output from Spatial Mic’s 8 capsule array to stereo virtual microphone polar patterns. Purchase options are at The Spatial Mic 360° Recording System relies on the Spatial Mic Converter plugin to transform the raw 8 capsule recordings from Spatial Mic

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  • Concert Recording With Spatial Mic

    Live Concert Recording With Spatial Mic — Camarada

    Recording live concerts with Spatial Mic opens the possibility for great flexibility — from natural immersive stereo to a full 360 VR experience. In this article let’s explore how one Spatial Mic USB can be used to capture a performance in a concert hall. Techniques for capturing live concerts can vary wildly depending on the genre of music, concert space,

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