Voyage Audio Journal

  • Spatial Mic Converter Plugin Update: Virtual Mic Output, Low Noise Filters and more!

    Voyage Audio is proud to announce Spatial Mic Converter v1.1.0 — an update that allows users to decode the output from Spatial Mic’s 8 capsule array to stereo virtual microphone polar patterns. Purchase options are at The Spatial Mic 360° Recording System relies on the Spatial Mic Converter plugin to transform the raw 8 capsule recordings from Spatial Mic

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  • FB360 Spatialiser Reaper

    How To Sync Spatial Audio With 360 VR Video

    Let’s explore how to sync 2nd order ambisonic audio recorded using Spatial Mic with 360 VR video for delivery on Facebook 360, YouTube 360 and Oculus Quest headsets. This process will be helpful regardless of gear used for capture. Here is the simple 360 video with embedded spatial audio we will be creating — notice as you use your mouse

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  • Concert Recording With Spatial Mic

    Live Concert Recording With Spatial Mic — Camarada

    Recording live concerts with Spatial Mic opens the possibility for great flexibility — from natural immersive stereo to a full 360 VR experience. In this article let’s explore how one Spatial Mic USB can be used to capture a performance in a concert hall. Techniques for capturing live concerts can vary wildly depending on the genre of music, concert space,

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  • Recording Sound Effects With Spatial Mic

    Recording Sound Effects With Spatial Mic: Q&A With Lenny Jones

    Recording sound effects for film, movies and games is a highly important part of the process for telling compelling stories. Sound designers often rely on quality sound effects libraries to help create the proper impact for video, however in sound design veteran Lenny Jones’ experience, sometimes you need to create them yourself — especially when surround formats like 2nd Order

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  • Spatial Mic Firmware Update: 96kHz USB Recording and more!

    Voyage Audio is proud to announce Spatial Mic Firmware v2.0 — an update that allows users to capture 3D audio from an 8 capsule array at sample rates up to 96kHz via a single USB cable — shipping now. Spatial Mic Firmware v2.0 is a major release that includes several other enhancements, such as changes to the live monitoring and

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  • NAMM 2020 Voyage Audio Collage

    Spatial Mic Named Best Of NAMM 2020

    Voyage Audio was proud to introduce Spatial Mic at the 2020 NAMM show in Anaheim California where it was selected by multiple media outlets as Best Of NAMM 2020. If you were able to stop by our booth, we would like to sincerely thank you for taking the time to talk, listen and learn about Spatial Mic. If you missed

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