Voyage Audio Journal

  • Spatial Mic Field Recording 360 Audio Sea Cove

    360 Field Recording With Spatial Mic

    Capturing audio in the field is a rewarding yet unforgiving endeavor. Natural soundscapes, animals in the wild, along with musicians and people in casual environments (non-studio) won’t necessarily pause their activities while the recorder and mics are setup. That’s why Spatial Mic, with 8 channel single wire connectivity, can be an invaluable tool to capture incredible audio in the wild.

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  • Spatial Mic Studio Console

    Listening to Spatial Mic

    What does Spatial Mic sound like? That’s a question we’ve been asked a lot lately. As it turns out, we’ve been putting Spatial Mic through its paces both in the studio and field and are excited to share the results. In this guide, we will listen to the multi-instrumentalist DJ Brennan in a recording studio as well as a collection

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  • Tutorial: Getting Started with Spatial Mic- Part 2

    In part 2 of this 2 part Getting Started with Spatial Mic tutorial series, you will learn how to use the Spatial Mic Control app and Spatial Mic Converter plugin to help dial in the perfect recordings from Spatial Mic. Finally, we’ll give some ideas on going further once you’ve mastered the basics. Control Everything The Spatial Mic Control app

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  • Tutorial: Getting Started with Spatial Mic – Part 1

    In part 1 of this 2 part Getting Started with Spatial Mic tutorial series, you will learn how to quickly begin recording audio with Spatial Mic and Reaper. For simplicity, we will be using the included USB cable to provide audio streaming, power and control between a host computer and Spatial Mic. In addition, this guide assumes you will be

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  • Ambisonics Demystified

    Ambisonics enables audio production and playback without using the traditional channel based methodology, thus enabling reproduction on any number of speakers in varying configurations. When we record the signal from a traditional microphone, we put this on a track and assign it to a playback channel. We can play this back on one speaker and call it mono, or send

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  • Introducing Spatial Mic

    Spatial Mic — Second Order Ambisonics Microphone With Digital Connectivity Voyage Audio is proud to introduce Spatial Mic — a professional second-order ambisonics VR microphone capable of single wire connectivity to a computer or mobile device. The microphone is available for purchase directly from Voyage Audio. Spatial Mic records the entire sound-field with precision. Signals from 8 capsules, encoded with

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