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  • Pro Tools Ultimate with Spatial Mic

    Pro Tools is one of the most popular DAWs available and the Ultimate version unlocks the configuration and routing settings required for higher order ambisonics. If you don’t already have Pro Tools Ultimate, you can download a free 30-day trial version from Avid’s website. When using Spatial Mic with Pro Tools Ultimate, you will want to setup the hardware as

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  • AES 2020

    AES 2020 – Online & Free

    Visit Voyage Audio at the Audio Engineering Society Partner Showcase! Free Online Exhibition The 2020 Audio Engineering Society Fall show will be totally online! If you have a computer connected to the internet, you can use this promo code for free registration. Come by and take a look around.   Code: AES2020Voyage Link:   Don’t forget to come by

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  • Listening To Mid-Side Stereo Recorded With Spatial Mic

    In a previous article we listened to a recording using the Spatial Mic Converter virtual mic output stage. In this article we will be listening to mid-side stereo recorded with Spatial Mic. You will then be able to easily compare many different stereo output formats and determine which works best for each project. The audio for this demo is Dreamers’

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  • SMC-Mid-Side

    Mid-Side Output Comes To The Spatial Mic Converter Plugin

    Mid-Side Output Comes To The Spatial Mic Converter Plugin. Voyage Audio is proud to announce Spatial Mic Converter plugin v1.2.0.

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  • Dreamers’ Circus Live Concert Recording With Spatial Mic

    With the ability to aim virtual microphones and craft an immersive 360 VR experience, Spatial Mic lends the possibility for great flexibility. In this article we will explore a live concert recording created with Spatial Mic. Take a listen to Dreamers’ Circus performing ‘Prelude to the Sun’ — a nordic folk remix of Bach’s Violin Partita No. 3 in E

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  • Spatial Mic Converter Plugin Virtual Mic Output

    Spatial Mic Converter Plugin & Virtual Mic Output Overview

    The Spatial Mic Converter plugin transforms the raw audio signals from Spatial Mic to a format useful for audio production.The output from Spatial Mic Converter can decode to first or second order ambisonics in ambiX or FuMa formats, in addition to mono/stereo virtual microphone patterns with flexible higher-order options. To accomplish this, Spatial Mic Converter uses an internal 64-channel filter

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Dieses Mal schauen wir uns ein Mikro einer speziellen Art an. Und zwar das Voyage Audio Spatial Mic als Vertreter der so genannten ... Ambisonics Mikrofone. Was das eigentlich ist und was man damit anstellen kann, erfahrt ihr wie immer im aktuellen Video:


10 Things you need to know about Next Generation Audio (NGA): ...

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