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  • Spatial Mic Control Surround Sound Update v1.3.0

    Spatial Mic Converter Plugin Update: Surround Sound Outputs including 7.1.2 and more!

    Voyage Audio is proud to announce Spatial Mic Converter v1.3.0 — an update that allows users to decode the output from Spatial Mic’s 8 capsule array to various surround formats like 7.1.4, 5.1.2, and 5.1. The surround outputs can be used for sound bed tracks in Dolby Atmos® sessions or routed directly to the surround bus of choice. Purchase options are

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  • Import and Route Audio Files in Reaper for use with the Spatial Mic Converter Plugin

    Spatial Mic is a 2nd order ambisonic microphone that outputs eight channels of audio over USB and ADAT light pipe. One channel of audio for each capsule in the microphone. Depending on which application you are recording with you may only have the option of recording to mono or stereo tracks. For example, when recording Spatial Mic with an iPhone

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  • Cubase Pro 11 with Spatial Mic

    Cubase has come a long way from its first release as a MIDI sequencer in 1989 and it continues to stay ahead of the curve with spatial audio tools. Cubase Pro 11 is the current version that unlocks the configuration and routing settings required for higher order ambisonics. If you don’t already have Cubase Pro, you can download a free

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  • Pro Tools Ultimate with Spatial Mic

    Pro Tools is one of the most popular DAWs available and the Ultimate version unlocks the configuration and routing settings required for higher order ambisonics. If you don’t already have Pro Tools Ultimate, you can download a free 30-day trial version from Avid’s website. When using Spatial Mic with Pro Tools Ultimate, you will want to setup the hardware as

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  • AES 2020

    AES 2020 – Online & Free

    Visit Voyage Audio at the Audio Engineering Society Partner Showcase! Free Online Exhibition The 2020 Audio Engineering Society Fall show will be totally online! If you have a computer connected to the internet, you can use this promo code for free registration. Come by and take a look around.   Code: AES2020Voyage Link:   Don’t forget to come by

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  • Listening To Mid-Side Stereo Recorded With Spatial Mic

    In a previous article we listened to a recording using the Spatial Mic Converter virtual mic output stage. In this article we will be listening to mid-side stereo recorded with Spatial Mic. You will then be able to easily compare many different stereo output formats and determine which works best for each project. The audio for this demo is Dreamers’

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[News|Recording] @VoyageAudio Updates Spatial Mic Converter Plugin

Today we are releasing a long awaited surround sound update to the Spatial Mic Converter Plugin.
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Decode the following formats directly from the plugin:

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[News|Recording] @VoyageAudio Spatial Mic - Compact Solution for 3D Audio

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