Voyage Audio Journal

  • Spatial Mic Firmware Update: 96kHz USB Recording and more!

    Voyage Audio is proud to announce Spatial Mic Firmware v2.0 — an update that allows users to capture 3D audio from an 8 capsule array at sample rates up to 96kHz via a single USB cable — shipping now. Spatial Mic Firmware v2.0 is a major release that includes several other enhancements, such as changes to the live monitoring and

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  • NAMM 2020 Voyage Audio

    NAMM 2020 – Booth 2151

    Visit us at booth 2151 in Hall E! (Downstairs in the Innovator Showcase) Voyage Audio will be introducing Spatial Mic at the 2020 NAMM show in Anaheim California on January 16-19.  We are excited to show our 2nd Order Ambisonics microphone and will have a demonstration showcasing a studio session recorded with Spatial Mic. Stop by, ask questions and learn

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  • Spatial Mic Studio Console

    Listening to Spatial Mic USB

    What does Spatial Mic USB sound like? That’s a question we’ve been asked a lot lately. As it turns out, we’ve been putting Spatial Mic USB through its paces both in the studio and field and are excited to share the results. In this guide, we will listen to the multi-instrumentalist DJ Brennan in a recording studio as well as

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  • Tutorial: Getting Started with Spatial Mic USB – Part 2

    In part 2 of this 2 part Getting Started with Spatial Mic USB tutorial series, you will learn how to use the Spatial Mic Control app and Spatial Mic Converter plugin to help dial in the perfect recordings from Spatial Mic USB. Finally, we’ll give some ideas on going further once you’ve mastered the basics. Control Everything The Spatial Mic

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