Spatial Mic Video Series Unveiled: From Applications and Setup to Mastery

Spatial Mic Video Series Unveiled: From Applications and Setup to Mastery
February 16, 2024 Voyage Audio

Voyage Audio’s Definitive Guide to Audio Capture With Spatial Mic Dante and USB

Voyage Audio is excited to announce the release of a comprehensive video tutorial series on YouTube, crafted to guide audio professionals and enthusiasts on the wide array of applications and initial setup of Spatial Mic to mastering its full potential in spatial audio recording. Take a look below:



The Journey Through Spatial Sound

Spatial audio is transforming the auditory experience, offering listeners a 3D soundscape that is as immersive as it is innovative. Spatial Mic by Voyage Audio stands at the foundation of this revolution, capturing audio with a depth and clarity unrivaled in the industry. This new YouTube series is a meticulously curated sequence of tutorials, each designed to unfold the complexities of Spatial Mic hardware and software.

A Series Tailored for Audio Excellence

Starting with a welcoming introduction to spatial audio concepts, the playlist takes viewers through a progressive journey covering all aspects of Spatial Mic’s usage. Here is a handy video playlist that will help guide you:

Led by Experts, Designed for Learners

Voyage Audio’s own Colin, an expert in spatial audio technology, hosts the series, bringing complex concepts within reach of viewers with varying levels of expertise. The tutorials are not only instructional but also interactive, encouraging viewers to explore spatial audio recording’s limitless potential.

An Invitation to Audio Innovation

Voyage Audio’s Spatial Mic tutorial series is a gateway for all audio creators seeking to harness the power of spatial audio. Whether enhancing virtual reality experiences, capturing the ambiance of live performances, or producing music with rich, immersive sound, this series is an invaluable resource.

Explore the series now, subscribe for updates, and join the ranks of spatial audio experts shaping the future of sound.