Studio Recording

Signature Control Room

Spatial Mic Dante

Explore a recording session captured using 6 Spatial Mic Dante’s networked together. Learn about the setup and download FREE Pro Tools & Reaper sessions.

Studio Recording With Spatial Mic Dante

Broadcast Audio

Spatial Mic Dante

This case study takes us on a journey through Spatial Mic Dante’s technical achievement, field deployment, and pivotal role in capturing the raw energy and emotion of live broadcast sporting events.

Live Broadcast With Spatial Mic Dante

Field Recording

Spatial Mic Field Recording 360 Audio Sea Cove

Spatial Mic USB

There is something special about capturing audio and video in 360 degrees — for the creator it instantly transports you back to the location and for the viewer it gives a glimpse into another world. First we’ll take a look at the setup we use for capturing 360 audio and video and then we’ll experience the results.

360º Field Recording With Spatial Mic USB 

Live Concert Recording

Spatial Mic USB & Dante

With the ability to aim virtual microphones or craft an immersive 360 VR experience, Spatial Mic lends the possibility for great flexibility and future proof recording. Explore a live concert recording created with Spatial Mic including FREE session downloads at the link below.

Live Concert Recording With Spatial Mic 

Film & TV Sound Effects

Recording Sound Effects With Spatial Mic

Spatial Mic USB

Capture immersive sound effects for 5.1, 7.1, ATMOS and more. Easily record on-the-go to a mobile device and build your library. Learn How Lenny Jones (Ancient Aliens, Curse of Oak Island, Unsolved Mysteries) uses Spatial Mic.

Sound Effect Recording With Spatial Mic 

VR/AR & 6 Degrees Of Freedom

Thanks to AWOL Dance Studio, Zero Point Reality (Lucas), Super Great Video (Sam), and Dovetail Filmworks for this photo from a VR 180 shoot incorporating Spatial Mic.

Spatial Mic Dante & USB

As formats for immersive content continue to evolve, let’s take a look at how Spatial Mic can be used to simplify workflows and capture engaging, future proof audio for VR / AR and 6 Degrees of Freedom.

VR/AR & 6DoF With Spatial Mic 

Research & Education

Spatial Mic Dante & USB

Voyage Audio is dedicated to advancing spatial audio technology. We encourage you to explore this research and see how these insights might inspire your next spatial audio project or related field endeavor.

Politecnico di Milano Research With Spatial Mic Dante