Spatial Mic


Download the Spatial Mic Quick Start Guide or detailed User Manual to get the most out of Spatial Mic:


USB Audio Driver Note:

USB drivers are not provided for Spatial Mic.

For Mac OSX, Spatial Mic works out-of-the-box with built-in core audio drivers – simply plug Spatial Mic into a free USB port on your computer.

For Windows 10, we recommend using ASIO4ALL when recording audio in a DAW. Please see the Spatial Mic User Manual for more information on setting up ASIO4ALL.

Spatial Mic Converter

The Spatial Mic Converter plugin transforms the raw audio signals from Spatial Mic to first or second order ambisonics. Download Spatial Mic Converter plugin for AAX and VST for OSX and Windows:


Spatial Mic Converter DAW Plugin
Spatial Mic Control

The Spatial Mic Control app provides remote manipulation of various hardware parameters on Spatial Mic over USB. Download Spatial Mic Control app for Mac OSX and Windows: