How to Use Spatial Mic USB Control Software

How to Use Spatial Mic USB Control Software
December 15, 2022 Voyage Audio

The Spatial Mic Control software provides remote manipulation of various hardware parameters on Spatial Mic USB. Spatial Mic Control communicates with the microphone through the same USB cable used to supply power and stream audio data. Spatial Mic Control replicates the hardware controls found on Spatial Mic itself and adds additional functionality.

The installer for the Spatial Mic Control software can be downloaded at

Using Spatial Mic Control

Simply launch Spatial Mic Control when Spatial Mic USB is plugged into an available USB port on your computer (Mac or Windows).


Mic Gain 

Adjusts the gain of capsules before analog to digital conversion. Optimize mic gain so that the capsule signal is not clipping. Changes made to this control will be reflected in Mic Gain mode on the microphone itself.


Rotating the control to the left increases the amount of live microphone signal in the mix, while rotating the knob to the right increases the amount of stereo host playback in the mix. This adjustment only affects the stereo audio signal sent to the headphone output. Changes made to this control will be reflected in Mix mode on the microphone itself.

Headphone Level

Adjusts level of headphone signal present on microphone HP output. Changes made to this control will be reflected in HP mode on the microphone itself.


Mutes the signal coming from microphone capsules. This button functions the same as long pressing the knob on the front of Spatial Mic.


Changes what is shown on the Spatial Mic LED display (persists when mic is power cycled). When powering up Spatial Mic, the LED display will show a turn-on sequence and then display the last metering mode selected with Spatial Mic Control. The metering modes that may be selected are:

  • Off – no metering or LEDs on
  • Monitor – LEDs display stereo L-R mix of Live binaural monitoring and host device playback.
  • Capsule (Factory Default) – LEDs display signal level for the 8 capsules. If audio from a capsule clips, its corresponding LED will turn red for 3 seconds. This is an indication that you may need to decrease capsule gain.

Going Further

Now that you know what Spatial Mic Control can do, take a listen to Spatial Mic USB in action with a live recording of Dreamers’ Circus.

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