Introducing Spatial Mic Dante

Introducing Spatial Mic Dante
May 31, 2022 Voyage Audio

Introducing Spatial Mic Dante

Spatial Mic Dante precisely captures the entire soundfield with 8 capsules, while providing output flexibility for critical recording and live broadcast using built-in Dante audio networking and remote configuration.

Voyage Audio is proud to introduce Spatial Mic Dante, a hybrid analog-digital 2nd order ambisonic microphone featuring unmatched control, versatility and quality. Building on the success of Voyage Audio’s light and compact Spatial Mic USB, this completely new microphone provides a premium rugged design with a locking Neutrik etherCON.

With Audinate’s industry standard Dante audio networking built-in, there is no need for complex multi-microphone & preamp setups — plug in an ethernet cable and focus on recording immersive audio for VR, surround sound, ATMOS, spatial and stereo music, concerts, and live broadcasts. With the flexibility to output complex polar patterns of your choice and aim around the soundfield, Spatial Mic Dante brings the freedom to experiment with sound in completely new ways.

“By far the most requested feature since the introduction of Spatial Mic USB has been to add Dante”, said Voyage Audio founder Colin Ritchie. “Condensing an 8 channel professional networked audio device into a microphone body was very challenging, however the creative possibilities and opportunities this new design brings with it are very exciting.”

Included with Spatial Mic Dante are two pieces of software. The new MicNet control app lets you remotely adjust connected microphones on the network. Using filters created in an anechoic chamber especially for Spatial Mic Dante, the Spatial Mic Converter plugin (VST & AAX) now works for post processing the entire Spatial Mic family — just select which mic the recording was created with from the new dropdown menu. Download the plugin and example sessions for free on the Voyage Audio website and explore audio in 3D.

Spatial Mic Dante Key Features

  • Dante audio network interface up to 32-bit / 192 kHz
  • AES67 mode up to 32-bit / 48 kHz
  • 8 capsules for 2nd order ambisonics
  • Capsule SNR of 78dB-A and 136 dB Max SPL
  • Configurable output for unprocessed, surround sound, ambiX & virtual mics with pattern controls (continuously variable from omni to cardioid to figure-8)
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Cirrus Logic ADC & THAT Corp analog front end
  • Individual calibration for balanced array

MicNet Control

MicNet Control provides remote control of the analog stage and internal DSP processing of Spatial Mic Dante. Computers on the Dante network running MicNet Control can change the parameters of any microphone on the network.

MicNet Control can change the audio output format which is accomplished in the microphone itself via DSP. Output options include unprocessed (for Spatial Mic Converter Plugin), 1st order ambisonics, surround feeds and virtual mic mono or stereo pairs. These additional options beyond unprocessed audio open up many applications for live performance and broadcast when low latency audio feeds are needed.

  • Remote Control of analog stage and internal DSP processing
  • Change between unprocessed, 1st order ambisonics, surround feeds (5.1, 5.1.2, 7.1) and virtual mic mono or stereo pairs with pattern control and make-up gain.
  • Control multiple mics on the network from a single instance of MicNet Control
  • High pass filter, gain trim and comprehensive level metering
  • Available for both Windows and Mac

Spatial Mic Converter Plugin

The Spatial Mic Converter plugin transforms the raw unprocessed audio signals from Spatial Mic USB & Dante to a number of different formats suitable for any type of audio production. To accomplish this, Spatial Mic Converter uses an internal 64-channel filter matrix and measurements from an anechoic chamber.

  • Encodes unprocessed audio from Spatial Mic to first or second order ambisonics in AmbiX or Fuma formats, Surround Sound (up to 7.1.4 ATMOS) or virtual mic patterns including mid-side for mono or stereo output.
  • Multiple Output filters — created using measurements from an anechoic chamber
  • Change aim and orientation
  • High pass filter, gain trim and comprehensive level metering and individual controls depending on which output stage is selected
  • Free download as VST3 and AAX

Spatial Mic Dante (software included) —  Fall 2022 – $2,899USD

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