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Voyage Audio Updates Spatial Mic Converter Plugin Including Mid-Side Virtual Stereo Mic Output
October 7, 2020 Voyage Audio



Voyage Audio Updates Spatial Mic Converter Plugin To Include Mid-Side Virtual Stereo Mic Output

Available now in countries worldwide, Spatial Mic is shipping with Spatial Mic Converter Plugin v1.2.0 that includes a highly configurable Mid-Side virtual stereo mic output stage.

San Diego, CA, October 7, 2020Voyage Audio announces Spatial Mic Converter plugin v1.2.0 — an update that adds Mid-Side stereo decode output from Spatial Mic’s 8 capsule array.

The Spatial Mic 360° Recording System relies on the Spatial Mic Converter plugin to transform the raw 8 capsule recordings from Spatial Mic into a format suitable for audio production. The output from the plugin can be configured for spatial audio production (ambix and FuMa at 1st and 2nd order are supported) or mono & stereo with the virtual mic option. v1.2.0 update adds the popular Mid-Side stereo decode to the growing list of output options.

Unlike traditional Mid-Side stereo microphones, the Spatial Mic Converter has the ability to change the polar pattern of the mid component long after the recording is done. Because the mid pattern is decoded from Spatial Mic’s capsule array you can choose from a tight cardioid pattern all the way to omnidirectional. Combined with the rotation, tilt and roll controls to aim the patterns around in 360° this creates an incredibly flexible recording solution. 

While traditional mid-side microphone technique uses two microphones in close proximity to one another, Spatial Mic uses a coincident 8 capsule array to generate the mid and side components. This creates both polar patterns from the same point in space allowing for a phase accurate sampling. Traditional microphones can only be set up as close as their physical size will allow, causing unwanted phase issues and making set up in tight spaces more difficult. Spatial Mic’s compact size and single mic solution enables mid-side to be used in more creative locations.

The new output section also includes balance control between the mid and side components and selectable output of either stereo left/right or the individual mid side components for decoding at a later stage.

What’s New in Spatial Mic Converter v1.2.0

  • Mid-Side virtual stereo mic output stage with controls for mid pattern selection, Mid-Side output balance, and pre/post Mid-Side matrix network decoding output (Mid/Side or Left/Right)

Spatial Mic Converter is a 64-bit plugin available in VST3 and AAX format for macOS and Windows. The plugin requires a host capable of multichannel audio tracks like Reaper, Pro Tools Ultimate or Nuendo. The plugin and demo sessions are available as free downloads on the Voyage Audio website to test system compatibility.


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