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Voyage Audio Announces Spatial Mic Second Order Ambisonics Microphone With Digital Connectivity
December 6, 2019 Voyage Audio



Voyage Audio Announces Spatial Mic Second Order Ambisonics Microphone With Digital Connectivity

Spatial Mic allows audio engineers, producers for AR/VR, game sound-designers and 3D audio pioneers to record and mix with an 8 capsule array, USB & ADAT light-pipe streaming, live binaural monitoring and a dedicated DAW plugin.

San Diego, CA, December 6, 2019 — Voyage Audio is proud to introduce Spatial Mic — a professional second-order ambisonics VR microphone capable of single wire connectivity to a computer or mobile device — available for order now at

Designed for audio engineers, producers for AR/VR, game sound-designers and 3D audio pioneers, Spatial Mic is a next generation 360 microphone. Spatial Mic and the included Spatial Mic Converter plugin (VST and AAX) offer substantial improvements over existing solutions:

  • Enhanced spatial resolution, pattern decoding, directivity & optimal listening area vs first order microphones and less phase issues than with spaced arrays.
  • Future-proof output — may be decoded to any listening format live or in post and is not locked to one specific configuration like 2-channel binaural microphones.
  • Output may be head-tracked and used natively with content delivery tools from YouTube, Facebook and Google Resonance SDK.

Streamlining the recording workflow when dealing with multi-channel microphone arrays was a top priority during the development of Spatial Mic. With built-in USB and ADAT connectivity, no external mic preamps, multi-channel cables carrying analog signals or converters are needed. Along with purity of signal, an individual calibration profile stored within each mic ensure consistent quality.

Spatial Mic Key Features

  • 8 x 14mm capsule array for Second Order Ambisonics
  • 8 x Multi-stage, digitally controlled analog capsule front ends
  • Live binaural monitoring using Google Resonance HRTFs
  • USB Streaming and ADAT Light-Pipe can be used independently or concurrently
  • Individual calibration stored in each mic
  • USB bus powered via USB-C or external 5v source via micro-USB
  • Bit Depth: 16/24-bit
  • Sample Rates USB: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz and 96kHz
  • Sample Rates ADAT: 44.1kHz and 48kHz
  • 16-core processor and high resolution SiLabs clocking scheme
  • Includes Spatial Mic Converter DAW plugin for raw capsule output conversion (VST, AAX, macOS and Windows 10)
  • Includes Spatial Mic Control app, allowing for remote operation of all hardware controls and more (macOS and Windows 10)
  • High quality construction with aluminum and nylon parts, combined with a bright LED display, knob and metal headbasket
  • Included accessories: 3 meter USB C to C and USB C to A cable, metal mini swivel ball hard-mount, foam windscreen and quick-start guide
  • Made in USA with domestic and foreign components
  • Designed to fit the Rycote InVision shockmount (sold separately)

Spatial Mic Converter Plugin Key Features

  • Encodes raw audio from Spatial Mic to first or second order ambisonics in AmbiX or Fuma formats
  • 64-element frequency independent output filter matrix
  • 2 types of output filters — created using measurements from an anechoic chamber
  • Change Spatial Mic’s aim and orientation live or after recording
  • High pass filter, gain trim and comprehensive level metering

Spatial Mic is available for purchase to US customers on the Voyage Audio website for $899 USD. Spatial Mic requires a host device supporting multi-channel USB Audio 2.0 or ADAT lightpipe input. Spatial Mic, the Spatial Mic Converter plugin and Spatial Mic Control app have been tested to work on macOS 10.11 and higher or Windows 10.

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