Spatial Mic Featured on!

Spatial Mic Featured on
October 24, 2023 Voyage Audio

Spatial Mic’s Ambisonics Technology Featured on! recently spotlighted Voyage Audio’s Spatial Mic, diving deep into the wonders of Ambisonics technology.

As highlighted in the featured article:

“Ambisonics captures multiple simultaneous signals which can be later translated – or ‘decoded’ to use the correct terminology – to any number of output channels, from a single mono speaker to a multi-array Dolby Atmos system.”

However, a common misconception about this technology is clarified: Contrary to what many might assume from seeing the capsules, this technology isn’t about isolating each capsule to a specific track, akin to traditional Dolby Atmos setups. Ambisonics is all about capturing spatial sound in a distinctive manner. It’s a technique where the capsules collectively record a 360° soundfield, offering vast post-production flexibility and even real-time DSP on the Spatial Mic Dante. In simpler terms, it’s not about recording individual tracks for each capsule. Instead, it’s about immersing the listener in a holistic sonic environment.

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